Native American Indians

USD $3.600,00

  • Material: Canvas and Pine frame
  • Recommended Size: 120cm x 150cm (Wide x Height).
  • This painting can be customized on the size (smaller or bigger) that you wanted and of course, choosing the size that best suits in your room, living room or the place you want.
  • All orders have an average delivery time of 30 to 45 days depending on the size of the painting and the country.


Native Americans: The Horse and the New World


Father Sun, I greet you. Receive the bison entrails mantle that I have just woven for you.
Give me a good way to live. Have my people and I make it through next year unscathed. Increase the number of my children. Make sure that when my children go to war they return with horses captured from the enemy. Make sure that when my son goes to war he returns with his face painted black as a sign of his victory.

Rhose who have one foot in the canoe and one foot in the boat will fall into the river.

Tuscarora Proverb


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