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  • Material: Canvas and Pine frame
  • Recommended Size: 70cm x 80cm (Wide x Height) each one.
  • This painting can be customized on the size (smaller or bigger) that you wanted and of course, choosing the size that best suits in your room, living room or the place you want.
  • All orders have an average delivery time of 30 to 45 days depending on the size of the painting and the country.


We got here a beautiful set of six pieces of farmers.

It shows the Antioquia colonization process, Hope in a hopeful future.

To the farm worker
Sow the wet ground,
with his song and his farming,
and the seed blooms,
of life and trust.

The land gives the harvest,
the wind, the flora and fauna,
and the sun when it dawns,
colors hope.

The land and the peasant,
together they do the miracle,
and the bread is multiplied,
with effort and with work.

The peasant
Working, working
we spent our whole life
we open with our hands
the furrows of new land.

Farmers’ Day
You work the land
with your sickle and plow;
in your hands your dreams,
your destiny on earth.

And you look at the sky
asking God to bless you,
and the incessant rain kisses your forehead
and the seed sprouts
and the plant grows.

Your callused hands show the fruit,
the bread that feeds many people,
while in your mind, you shelter the hope
to work for your children, a different tomorrow.

Poem published in the book “Reflejos de mi Ser” by Arjona Delia

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  1. Cristin Spivey

    Perfect piece of work you have done, this website is really cool with great information.

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